GW Group is a consulting firm located in Toronto serving clients across Canada.

We offer efficient government relations and communications solutions tailored to your needs. We are focused on delivering results.

It’s our job to know and understand what’s happening in government, media, and in the public, and how it will impact your organization.

We’ll connect you to the right people, with the right message – and make sure you have a seat at the table.


Jill Wilson


Jill spent her career advising clients across sectors including tech, retail, gaming, alcohol, cannabis, arts and culture, development and housing. She helps those who make decisions understand how clients’ interests align with those of the public, business and the government.

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Ryan Guptill


Ryan focuses on strategic communication and issue management, ensuring organizations effectively manage how they publicly share their message, engage their audiences, and interact with government. He is a results-oriented consultant who ensures that organizations always clearly and concisely communicate their brand and values.

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Shane Yewchyn


Shane is a results-oriented professional with experience in government relations and communications initiatives. With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations from Toronto Metropolitan University, Shane uses his experience and industry knowledge to find innovative and effective solutions for clients.

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Our Services

Our services are designed to get results. We are efficient, effective and focused on supporting your organization and team through the challenges you face.

Government Relations

Governments can be slow to react, resistant to change, and unwilling or unable to take advantage of opportunities. We are focused using our political and policy expertise to push governments to adopt solutions and take on new opportunities in policy, legislative, and regulatory affairs.

Stakeholder Management

Public affairs issues can be complex and interdependent, with different stakeholders and voices influencing major decisions. Effective organizations ensure that they are strategic and targeted in their approach to managing stakeholders. We will identify who your organization needs to build, manage and maintain relationships with, and how best to leverage those relationships to get results.


Communicating regularly, clearly and concisely with the public, your customers, government, and internal audiences is a critical test for organizations. It’s about protecting and elevating your message. We connect journalists, editors, and social media influencers with the goal of advancing your agenda and ideas across diverse audiences. We identify issues and opportunities for your organization, develop a strategy, and execute the plan.

Issue Management

When your organization is faced with an unexpected challenge, we will help you to protect your reputation and ensure your organization’s stability. With significant experience in managing high-profile issues, we will identify your strategic approach, manage media, ensure strong internal and stakeholder communication, and work with government to resolve any potential issues. We will work around the clock to ensure your reputation is protected.